RSVP Celebration of the Motorcar 2017

Celebration of the Motorcar is Western Australia’s premier classic, exotic and prestige car event. Cars are displayed by invitation only and each vehicle has a particular placement within the show. This page is for people who have received invitations for their cars, to RSVP.

We do, however, have an option to ask for an invitation to a future event. If you have a very special car that would be suitable, please fill out the details below and choose the option “I would like an invitation for my car in the future”. You are also invited to make a donation to Wheels for Hope using the button below.

Signs – We will be making a windscreen sign for your car. To ensure we get the details correct and can contact you, please complete the RSVP form below, as confirmation that your car will be displayed. If you prefer your name not to appear on the sign, please mark the box below. We thank you for your support.

Donations – You’re not obliged to make a donation to our charity beneficiary Wheels for Hope, but every bit helps… Each year some exhibitors note on their forms that they’ll make a cash donations on the day, but get distracted and forget. Last year only one exhibitor donated cash on the day, so please make-a-donation-button  now.

Confirmation details will be provided once we have received your reply, including delivery and collection information, and venue access details.

Remember to