WA 2019 Show

Once again Celebration of the Motorcar showcased the finest classic, exotic and prestige cars in a wonderful day on the grounds of the beachside Cottesloe Civic Centre. The combination of perfect weather and great media support with pre-event publicity brought a huge crowd of spectators to enjoy the day.

COTM19 Rolls area

150 specially selected cars were displayed, ranging from Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce through Porsche, Ferrari and Jaguar to some more esoteric marques – with a combined value in excess of $35 million. Ages of the vehicles will spanned 119 years, to current prestige models. All displayed in beautiful surroundings, with a classical trio playing.

Special feature displays included 100 Years of Bentley, 100 Years of Citroen and 60 Years of the Jaguar Mkll.

The new Exhibitor’s Lounge overlooking the venue was a success we’ll build on for future years.

COTM19 Ferraris

A big Thank You to all the exhibitors for providing a spectacle of unequalled quality.

2019 Award winners were:

Prewar Sports Car Class        Peter & Robin Briggs Award

1934 MG NA – Al Herring

Prewar Luxury Car Class       Shannons Award

            1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom ll Continental DHC – Roger Fry

Classic Sports Car Class         Classic Cars & Coffee Award

            1963 Ferrari 250 GTE – Josh Reid

Classic Luxury Car Class         Quartermaine Travel Award

            1960 Mercedes-Benz 300d – Walter Epple

Modern Sports Car Class      Automotive Events Management Award

            1990 Ferrari F40 – Joe Ricciardo

Modern Luxury Car Class      Brian Greenwood Award

           2012 Aston Martin Rapide – Peter Howell

Event Director’s Choice        Wheels for Hope Award

            1927 Hotrod “Coupster” V12 – Ben Forster

People’s Choice

            1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom ll Continental DHC – Roger Fry

COTM19 Cadillacs from high

Comments we’re received have been very positive: “So fortunate to have a world class event in WA”, “I think it’s the best selection of cars we’ve seen…”, “I always look forward to this event and it never disappoints, there are always amazing cars I’ve never seen”.


The organizers are keen to thank the team of volunteers who assist in all kinds of capacities, mainly in setting-upon the day, in addition to the Wheels for Hope crew: Brian Greenwood, Natalie Blank, Andrew Egginton, Terry McGrath, Ross Morgan, Jim Tweddle, Paul Markham, Simon Egginton, Justin Walker, Max Blank, Luke Zambotti, Giles Wilson, Perry Tonking, Scott Carr, Godfrey Everett, Richard Gordine, Deryck Graham, Sheryl Nosan, Dovi Shulman and Murilla Measom. It takes a small army and a lot of detailed planning to make this event happen!

Also thanks to our traders and sponsors – see panel below – and donors to the charity auction: The Ricciardo family, Draws Your Car, Tim Davies, Tim Barrington Photography and to Bruno Santarelli.

Celebration of the Motorcar will be back next year, on the last Sunday of November.

COTM19 Bentley row

COTM19 Maserati 3500 Spyder

COTM19 Coupster

COTM19 Morgans

COTM19 Aston DBS new

COTM19 Hispano

COTM19 Jurinek

COTM19 Ferrari 488 & 250

COTM19 Alpine & 2CV


COTM19 Thunderbird

COTM19 Sponsor panel wide